Does your company need some "help"?

A bit like the AA 20 questions to find out if you are indeed an alcoholic, or the Heart Foundation 20 questions to determine your heart attack risk, if you answer yes to three or more  of these questions, then there is a strong possibility that your company needs some "help". If you answer  yes to six or more, you need serious transformation, if you answer yes to 8 or more, consider it an emergency! 

It will make an interesting study, so please send us your results, and we will publish them as soon as we have 50 responses.

1. Do you feel there is no point in answering these questions because you already know your immediate department or business needs serious change?

2. Do you feel you are clock-watched? 

3. Do you, as the "leader" in your business, delegate "change-crucial" conversations to someone else?

4. Have you in the last year been confronted with an idea or proposal you know is the right thing to do for your business, but said "no" because it would be too much effort to motivate?

5. Have you had to pay anyone an attraction bonus to accept a position at your business? (in other words, the simple prospect of working for your company was not enough to get them in)

6. Is your reason for hanging in there because the share / bonus proposition is worth more than the discomfort you have to endure?

7. Have you in the last two months heard from your respective executive that "change is happening", but you are yet to see any evidence of it?

8. Is your business making less money than you know it can?

9. Have you in the last two months considered taking a position at another company, or going solo, at the prospect of great risk, because you feel the need to get out of there?

10. Do you believe your family is suffering as a consequence of the time you spend working, not because you manage your time poorly, but because their is too much work to do in 10 hours a day?

11. Do you ever get hungry at work, and there is nothing to eat?

12. Do you know (not think) you are good at what you do, but there are checkers to check that you are doing what you were employed to do (be they consultants or other employees)?

13. Do you find your leaders uninspiring?

14. Are you depressed at the thought of going to work tomorrow?

15. Do you feel there is competition / blame / rivalry between the silos of your total value chain which results in lower value or increased costs?

16. Is there a clear disconnect between your company values and associated behaviours as described in your company brochure / annual report, and the actual behaviour of your senior management team?

17. Are you sometimes bewildered by what you are being asked to do or deliver, because it clearly has no value-add for the business?

18. Has "cost cutting" resulted in no more biscuits at tea time, or something equally ridiculous?

19. Does everyone on the same level get the same bonus, even though some have clearly performed better than others?

20. Do you have to put in for leave if you want o take the afternoon off to celebrate your wedding anniversary?

Paul van Musschenbroek