First National Bank

ChallengeBuild a strong and committed HR Shared Services culture

As with many organisation these days, the development of shared services where appropriate, is a strategic decision when the aim is to develop and maintain consistent service delivery levels, build capability, offer valuable solutions and keep costs down.

It is a common challenge that when people’s roles change, they are expected to work in ways and with people in new teams and develop skills that stretch them out of their comfort zones, that there is some uncertainty and resistance. 

This was the experience with FNB HRSS. The typical change curve of Denial, Resistance, Exploration and commitment was experienced through this transformation. Although it was a challenging period for all involved, with strong leadership direction and support, and recognition of and empathy for people’s personal journeys, the HRSS team navigated this path and has come out on top.

HRSS wanted to achieve:

  • One integrated and collaborating HRSS team – working together, supporting each other, and understanding each other’s roles.
  • A high performance organisation that delivers for customers
  • A culture of trust and respect
  • An informed, up to date and knowledgeable team
  • A rewarding and fulfilling place to work

Aplocure’s role was to:

  • In partnership with project leadership design a workshop for all HR Shared Services to explore the business and personal experience of this change, and agree to a shared commitment to the future of the organisation
  • Facilitate a series of these workshops
  • Distil the essence of the outcomes of these workshops and propose a leadership commitment to building a positive HRSS culture
  • Design a communication campaign, including corporate theatre, that reflected people’s truths and desires for the future of HRSS