Initiative Media South Africa

ChallengeAssist people of Initiative Media to come to grips with the reality of what it will take to continue to deliver excellent service and solutions to their clients in a highly competitive and cluttered communications industry.

With a relatively small team of 45, Initiative Media remains one of the best media agencies in South Africa. They achieved Media Agency of the Year in 2009, and continue on a 35% YOY revenue growth path, with current and new clients.

As expected, media owners continue to drive hard bargains in media sales, and clients never let up on the expectation for continuous innovation and better value in the representation of their brands.

Initiative Media understands that continued excellence depends on inspired people in high performing teams.

Aplocure’s role in this was:

To design a workshop for all employees to:

  • Explore what it means to work in an independent media agency when clients are considering in-sourcing media buying, creative agencies are coupling creative ideas and the execution of these in media as a “better value” client offering, media owners are scrambling for a competitive advantage through innovative communication ideas and packages, and traditional consulting firms like McKinsey & Co. are extending their services to include creative communications.
  • Consider how every individual in the team brings special value to any particular outcome, and how best to work as a high performing team.
  • Believe in their ability to unlock their own creative potential through mining for insights and turning these into workable ideas
  • Facilitate these workshops with the Initiative Media staff and make recommendations for on going team building and motivational development.