ChallengeDevelop a high performance leadership culture at Project Triumph, aligned with the SABMiller values and Leadership Behaviours

SABMiller, the second biggest brewer in the world, spans all six continents with a strong brand representation in more than 30 countries. In such a competitive industry and being such a big player, future growth is mainly to be found in leveraging the scale and skill of the business, keeping costs low and building strong brand equity.

In order to leverage this scale, Project Triumph, the biggest SABMiller global project to date, would create standardised transactional processes, enabled by consistent data and information, and integrated global system platforms.  A core component of this challenge was to forge a dynamic high performance team and leadership brand that inspired people to deliver on the immense project requirements across all regions, and to integrate the Project with the SABMiller Way.

Aplocure’s role was to:

Engage the Global Triumph Leadership to distil a set of leadership values and behaviours that would drive a high performance culture, aligned with the SABMiller values.

  • Build awareness and buy-in to this leadership brand amongst the culturally diverse and geographically spread greater leadership team through workshops and communication campaigns
  • Design a leadership development programme
  • Educate the greater Triumph project team on the SABMiller Performance Management Way
  • Design and conduct quarterly global leadership meetings and team building experiences