Standard Bank Group

ChallengeTransform the performance management philosophy and approach across the Group

As part of a strategic decision to “build the leading African Financial Services organisation using all our competitive advantages to the full”,  Standard Bank Group embarked on an end-to-end revamping of its performance management philosophy and approach. Realising that the Group’s performance depended on:

  • how clear strategic direction and objectives are communicated, aligned and cascaded,
  • fewer and more impactful goals per Business Unit, function, team and individual,
  • a high-engagement culture around performance monitoring and evaluation,
  • rewarding differentiated performance,
  • identifying and developing talent, the Enduring Performance project team designed and implemented a performance management approach that will ensure sustainable business performance.

Aplocure’s role as part of this project team was to:

  • help scope and plan the required transformation approach,
  • design and facilitate scoping and stakeholder engagement workshops,
  • design and facilitate leadership skills development workshops,
  • translate the performance management principles and approach into inspiring and practical communication and education formats – guides, easy-aid resources, performance management simulations, executive sponsorship audio-visual productions, internal awareness and communication campaigns.